Make: Design for CNC

One part how-to book and one part design monograph, Make: Design for CNC introduces digital fabrication through the lens of design.

We co-authored the book with Anna Kaziunas-France and Make: to document AtFAB and to advocate for the productive affiliation between maker culture and design culture.

Design for CNC is our way of introducing makers to applied design thinking, while also empowering designers with maker agility and technical knowledge.


Design for CNC offers a sequence of step-by-step furniture projects, with increasing complexity. Readers start with simpler stools and chairs, and advance to more challenging tables and cabinetry. As they progress, each lesson provides techniques and prinicples to apply and carry forward.

Introductory projects introduce makers to basic CAD and CAM software setups, CNC router and machining fundamentals, as well as woodworking techniques. Advanced projects provide opportunities for applied design thinking through material, CAD modifications, and parametric design.

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