Filson & Rohrbacher is an architecture, design, and digital fabrication workshop based in New York’s Hudson Valley founded by Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher. They produce objects, furniture, and spaces with an approach that combines machining technique, design thinking, and hands-on making.

They believe, deeply, that everyone, everywhere is entitled to good design. Whether it’s for clients, or self-initiated R&D projects, they leverage software and digital tools with the aim of delivering good design to more people and places. Their work has been the subject of international design exhibitions, media and publications, and business case studies. Through their own projects, writings, and teaching, they advocate for a means of production that offers design up.

Prior to founding Filson & Rohrbacher in 2009, Anne and Gary worked for internationally recognized architecture and design practices. Anne started her career designing cultural and institutional projects, which ultimately led her to Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture, and later IDEO’s Smart Space Practice. She currently serves as Professor of Architecture at the University of Kentucky. Anne holds an MArch from Columbia University and a BA from Smith College.

Gary’s career as an architect and educator has focused on the integration of design, theory and technology. He led innovative projects at Machado and Silvetti and SOM, among other firms. He’s been recognized for his teaching excellence at Harvard University’s Design School, California College of the Arts, and University of Texas at Austin, and currently at the University of Kentucky. Gary received his SMArchS from MIT, an MArch from Columbia University, and BA from Lehigh University.


2019 Swiss National Museum, Zürich. “Desktop—Jacob Burckhardt Digital” 

2018 Design Society Museum, Shenzhen. Carrie Chan, Curator “Minding the Digital” 

2016 Galerie de Valois, Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris. “Exposition « CNAP! »”

2015 Hôtel Droog, Amsterdam. “A Mies for All” 

2015 La Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa, Milan. “Open Source Wunderkamer”

2015 la Gaîté lyrique, Paris. Li Edelkoort: “Oracles du Design”

2015 Salone Internazionale Del Mobile, Milan. “Atelier Clerici”

2014 FAB10 International FabLab Conference, Barcelona. “Global Fab Awards Exhibition”

2013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Keller Gallery, Cambridge. “Incremental Change”

2013 Centre National Des Arts Plastiques, Paris. Pemanent Collection: “Five to Thirty Minute Chair” 



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Workshops & Residencies

2018 The Design Society Museum, Shenzhen

2018 XINFAB FabLab, Shanghai

2011-18 Maker Faires NYC, San Francisco & Detroit

2016 FHNW Institute Hyperwerk for Postindustrial Design. Workshop & Residency, Basel

2015 WeMake FabLab, Milan. Workshop & Residency

2013 Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.

2012 Autodesk University, Las Vegas. Innovation Stage


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2017 Minding The Digital Exhibition Catalogue, Ed: Ole Bouman. Tongi University Press, Beijing

2017 DIY with PLY Catalog for Plywood: Material of the Modern World. Victoria & Albert Museum, London

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2015 Oracles Du Design Exhibition Catalogue, Ed: Lidewij Edelkoort. Pyramid Editions, Paris