AtFAB Open Source Furniture

AtFAB is a line of furniture offered as open source digital files. Anyone, anywhere can download cut files from this page, and make a piece of furniture with locally sourced materials and a nearby CNC machine.

Since 2008, makers around the world have been downloading these digital files and locally fabricating their furniture. This informally networked, global maker collective has demonstrated the power of distributed manufacturing.


Design — and designers — can drive alternatives to the traditional, centralized factory. AtFAB's success shows how a more inclusive, less energy intensive way of making goods is possible.

As a manufacturing model, AtFAB has been featured in the Economist and PBS News Hour, and at the World Economic Forum. The designs themselves have been published and exhibited in international venues, and acquired by permanent collections.

Each of the furniture designs below has a link to download our open source file package. For a deeper dive, Make: Design for CNC is a practical manual on digital fabrication with step-by-step projects on how to make the furniture.