MakerBot Industries Headquarters


n 2012, MakerBot Industries commissioned us to provide CNC fabricated furniture and casework for their new Brooklyn Headquarters. By adapting several AtFAB Furniture designs and developing new ones, we were able to fabricate, deliver, and install two dozen unique pieces into MakerBot’s 30,000 sqft workplace by MKDA. The collection ranges from conference tables and office furnishings to a reception desk and lounge furniture. We incorporated 3D printed accessories into the entire collection and used feet, hardware caps, keys, and decorative inlay to demonstrate the possibilities of digital manufacturing.

Conference Tables

We adapted the AtFAB system of details to develop a new series of designs for MakerBot’s conference tables. Three tables ranging from a 42″ round to a 22′ boardroom table share a common lightweight structural/construction assembly that stands upon 3D printed feet manufactured by MakerBot’s BotFarm. The two smaller tables were delivered assembled, while the 22′ Boardroom table arrived onsite as flatpack and assembled in several hours.


Reception Desk

We used the opportunity to design MakerBot’s 8′ reception desk as a chance to evolve the AtFAB Cellular Screen as a system. We assembled the desk in the shop, where we relied heavily on the assistance of laser cut scale prototypes to guide us through the process. The transaction counter of the desk is adorned with an inlaid pattern of 3D printed MakerBot M-logos, which were manufactured by MakerBot’s BotFarm.



MakerBot Pantry

The lounge arrangement in MakerBot’s pantry is comprised of adaptations of the AtFAB Ninety Minute Chair and Rotational Table, as well as new designs for a coffee table and LED lamps. We worked extensively with MakerBot’s industrious BotFarm team to coordinate and refine the fit of 3D printed hardware keys and a significant amount of decorative inlay.  The end result demonstrates an array of potentials for combining 3D printing with CNC cutting.


Executive Office

We adapted several AtFAB pieces to furnish the office of MakerBot’s Founder/CEO. We developed a range of new storage pieces with a rotational structures and cantilevered corners, and added panels to the front and sides of the AtFAB One to Several Table, transforming it into an executive desk. Working with our friends at ShopBot Tools, we perforated a message in Morse Code into the panels.