Design/Fabrication Store


he Design Fabrication Store is a concept for a storefront factory that fulfills an increasing desire for local, sustainable, authentic, quality goods. It leverages the efficiencies of digital tools, software, distributed manufacturing, and networked organizations. The D/F Store is a developing concept that emerged from our experience of producing the AtFAB furniture line. The store offers a curated collection of objects designed for digital fabrication in a gallery-like retail space, and juxtaposes them with a choreographed suite of digital fabrication tools. The store is arranged to let visitors see digital artisans producing the goods that are for sale in the store. Sign up for updates on D/F Store developments.


he Design/Fabrication Store is an ecosystem built around the information of things, and has the potential to provoke a virtuous cycle of energy efficiency, economic democracy, and community prosperity. The goods sold in the store are designed by designers from around the world, and manufactured onsite. The D/F Store is designed to franchise to independent digital artisans, who can adapt a D/F prototype to serve locally specific consumer needs. The store is designed to serve and reinvigorate mixed-use neighborhoods everywhere with these next generation digital smiths, wrights, coopers, and mongers.


e continue to develop the business case for a Design/Fabrication Store, and are in the process of formulating its prototype store, infrastructure, and franchising plans.