Autoprogettazione 2.0


n 2012, we submitted a collection of 6 AtFAB Furniture designs to the Autoprogettazione 2.0 Competition organized by Domus, alongside a set of parametric apps to customize each piece. Where Enzo Mari leaves off, in his polemical 1974 Autoprogettazione, we pick up and use interaction, design, and digitally networked intelligence to achieve outcomes that share his aspirations for ubiquity, utility and delight. Like Mari, our furniture line is manufactured of, by and for anyone, anywhere, for any everyday use. Autoprogettazione was a political, polemical project of its time that positioned self-sufficiency and making in direct opposition to the prevailing forces of consumer capitalism. We embrace similar polemics, but find far greater urgency today to enable the self-sufficiency of the maker.

These apps enable you to ‘self-design’ each piece. Customize the dimensions, material, and machine specs online, download a custom DXF file, and make your furniture locally. We designed apps to place the functionality of our powerful, interactive parametric CAD tools into the hands of anyone, so all can tailor the size, module, or shape of our designs as desired. (Applets are built with Processing 1.5, which requires a Java plug-in to run.)


 5-to-30 Minute Chair   One to Several Table Open Storage Cabinet    Rotational Table       Ninety Minute Chair      Cat in Bag Tables  

Open Storage


Lounge Chair


Cat in Bag Tables


Five to Thirty Minute Chair


Rotational Table


Chair Transformation


Table Transformation


Lounge Chair Transformation


Table Transformation