A Mies for All Experience Design


ow do we commodify an icon, while remaining faithful to modernism’s principles of standardization and democratization? In exploring this question through A Mies for All, we choreographed a journey of touch-points that use interactive tools, agile sales venues, peer-to-peer platforms, and other implements for a democratic economy. From product introduction through purchase and on-site delivery, the AMfA customer experience design integrates communications, tools, interfaces, space, and services. The AMfA experience aim to offer a responsive, relevant, and modern means of delivering architecture to everyone.


Introduce: Architecture Anyone Can Have

AMfA is a new way of buying a home that departs from traditional norms. An unprecedented and complex concept requires advanced communication. Propagandize AMfA with socially engaged, unscripted interventions that feature its authenticity, relevance and utility. Use an evolving, renewable combination of street art, interventions, events, and social memes proclaim the promise of the modern is now possible.

  • Mies Bomb
    Farnsworths appear from nowhere, built in diverse and unexpected places. Pop-ups are temporary amenities that double as a spectacle. Pop-ups promote AMfA’s product and identity, while showcasing its adaptability and inviting individuals to engage it.
  • Modern Message
    The promise of the modern is not only possible, it’s also available for purchase. Illustrate the modern lifestyle enabled by A Mies for All through aspirational visual narratives that demonstrate the realization of modernism’s social, political, technological ambitions.
  • Social Street Art
    Paint conspicuous, disused spaces with A Mies for All themed pieces. Signal a message of inclusion and access to architecture, which exists outside top-down channels. Bomb the city and invite people to connect.

Learn: Mobile, Agile & Immersive Showrooms

  • pop-up showroom
    Showroom (that could live inside a Mies Bomb) provides information about the features, options of A Mies for All. It demonstrates the value of architecture for all as well as the advantages of customization, local fabrication, energy efficiency. Touchscreens with the AMfA Online Interface and AMfA staff walk the consumer through the product and the process of acquiring a Farnsworth. Staff assist buyers with customization and purchase.
  • Mobile Interactive Kiosk
    Mobile touchscreens loaded with the AMfA Online Interface can be set up anywhere. With AMfA staff, these kiosks do much of the work of the Pop-Up showroom.
  • AMfA Online Interface
    The information found in the showroom or kiosk crosses seamlessly into the AMfA online interface. Customers can learn about the product and process, find step-by-step instructions to customize, and even proceed with the purchase a Farnsworth. The interface automatically connects buyers with the local fabrication shop that will handle the manufacture.



Purchase: Mass Customized Information

Present customers with a customized package for their new home. A celebratory artifact and personalized resource that addresses needs and eases anxiety, which arise between purchase and delivery.

  • Purchase Kit
    Drawings extracted from the customized Building Information Model illustrate the exact home purchased. An itemized schedule and receipt of CNC parts, accessories, climate packages, additions, and other elements included in the purchase.Details about customized climate performance. Extra ventilation for desert conditions, self-cleaning coatings for rain forests, or post-tensioning and extra insulation for tundra.
  • Fabrication & Delivery Tracking
    Tools and services that anticipate customer needs during the time between purchase and delivery. Collateral includes contact cards for the local maker/fabricator, contractor and anticipated date for delivery with important dates. A project tracking app that provides on-demand production progress updates from the fabrication shop. App prompts customer and contractor to prep the site or order supplies, and sends notification as production nears completion.
  • House Keys
    A meaningful artifact and reminder of what’s next.

Deliver: Branded Tools, Services & Packaging

Present customers with a customized package for their new home. A celebratory artifact and personalized resource that addresses needs and eases anxiety, which arise between purchase and delivery.

  • Wiki Applet
    As the applet counts down to delivery day, it provides a portal to an AMfA Wiki, where customers officially join the AMfA owners community. Here they can connect with other owners as they find answers about delivery, construction, and assembly.
  • Instructions
    Customized instructions are based on BIM output. Geared for both contractors and DIY customers, drawings of numbered parts accompany step by step instructions for staging and aggregating parts into assemblies. Like a product, digitally fabricated parts are packaged in crates, palettes and cartons designed for transport and labeled for construction staging. Each container is a branded instance that aggregates to showcase the awesomeness of the home soon to be.
  • Service & Delivery
    Delivery is a choreographed event and threshold into AMfA ownership and community. A branded AMfA truck and organized packaging coordinate with the service from driver and fabricator, turns the chaos of delivery and construction into a positive customer experience.