A Mies for All Exhibition at Hôtel Droog

A Mies for All is an initiative that aims to give to everyone the possibility to live in an iconic architecture – starting with Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House. Based on a concept by Pierre Bismuth and Matthijs Bouw, and developed by Filson and Rohrbacher and One Architecture, A Mies for All touches on a century-old promise that forms the foundation of modern architecture: The democratization of quality architecture, comfortable living, and advanced achievement in art, culture and technology. The project aims to revive and fulfill this promise of the modern within today’s contemporary technological and economical conditions.

Working with the One Architecture team, we constructed an exhibition of the project that included posters, a 1:10 prototype of the plywood superstructure, as well as sales brochures, a video about the process, and branded transportation crates. The work was exhibited at Amsterdam’s Hôtel Droog Gallery in 2015, and culminated in a finissage in the form of a debate on democratic architecture.