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    Incremental Change

    We are finalizing details for Incremental Change – an exhibition that opens at MIT’s Keller Gallery next week. We’ve…

  • Fabricating AtFAB

    We created Fabricating AtFAB with the series of BotCam images that Bill Young recorded in his shop last fall. With the...

  • atfab-blog26

    Roto Table Adaptation

    We adapted this Rotational Table to use as a television table. We designed the compartments to accommodate Apple TV,...

  • atfab-blog19

    Beside Table

    The Beside table is meant to go next to your chair, your bed or anywhere. In designing it, we...

  • atfab-blog25

    The Log and the Unité

    Derived from the same root file, these two prototype storage units describe early potentials for parametrically defining all furniture...