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  • 110930makerfaire5

    AtFAB at 2011 World Maker Faire

    Gary, Carolyn and I had an incredible two days at the World Maker Faire in NYC, which was a...

  • 110930makerfaire9

    Report from 2011 World Maker Faire

    Between turns manning the AtFAB table in the Maker Pavilion, Gary, Carolyn and I managed to see so many...

  • Web

    Free AtFAB

    Throughout AtFAB’s design and research process, we have assumed we’d go through the usual channels with our intellectual property: protect...

  • 110930makerfaire4


    Architects aren’t alone in “being voluntary workers for millionaires,” after reading Justin McGuirk’s piece on the Milan Furniture Fair…

  • Cat in Bag Transformation

    AtFAB Transformation Simulations

    This 3D model animation was used to study parametric transformations of AtFAB furniture. Studies enabled our team to learn…