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  • Fabricating AtFAB

    We created Fabricating AtFAB with the series of BotCam images that Bill Young recorded in his shop last fall. With the...

  • makerbot6

    Just in Time Marquetry

    Bill Young of ShopBot just took this video of his CNC router milling recessed pockets into the tabletop of...

  • Maker Faire Details

    2012 World Maker Faire New York

    We brought AtFAB prototypes and models back to the World Maker Faire in New York. We shared the story...

  • atfab_thing01

    Five to Thirty Minute Chair on Thingiverse

    Visit Makerbot Industries Thingiverse to see AtFAB’s first contributions. We’ve uploaded 3D files of a Foot & Peg kit to...

  • 110930makerfaire4


    Architects aren’t alone in “being voluntary workers for millionaires,” after reading Justin McGuirk’s piece on the Milan Furniture Fair…