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  • Cat in Bag Transformation

    AtFAB Transformation Simulations

    This 3D model animation was used to study parametric transformations of AtFAB furniture. Studies enabled our team to learn…

  • atfab-blog19

    Beside Table

    The Beside table is meant to go next to your chair, your bed or anywhere. In designing it, we...

  • atfab-blog21

    Cat in Bag ii Table Prototype

    The Cat in Bag Table geometry organizes the space around it. Different from other AtFAB pieces, the CiB parametric...

  • atfab-blog25

    The Log and the Unité

    Derived from the same root file, these two prototype storage units describe early potentials for parametrically defining all furniture...

  • atfab-blog13

    One to Several Table

    Driving across the Bighorn Range in Central Wyoming last summer – on our way to our new academic jobs...