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  • couches4

    Couched Constructions IV

    We’ve completed fabrication of two couch prototypes, and assembly is well underway…

  • couches10

    Couched Constructions III

    The Silver Lining Couch, a chaise based on the Silver Lining Bed, is taking shape. Shown below are early material studies...

  • couches

    Couched Constructions II

    The Ninety Minute Couch – a stretch Ninety Minute Chair – is ready for assembly.  We milled this version from...

  • couches8

    Couched Constructions I

    Carolyn and Joe have been busy prototyping AtFAB pieces for an upcoming exhibition this Spring at the Herron Gallery...

  • atfab-makers11

    Send us YourFAB!

    The AtFAB team has been thrilled by the interest and numerous cut file downloads from our website. We’d love...