Send Us YourFAB – Modification Edition

  • AtFAB CNC Furniture DIY Open Design
  • AtFAB CNC Furniture Storage Unit

The number of AtFAB file downloads keeps growing, and we’ve received some amazing images from makers around the globe who have modified the designs in ways we couldn’t imagine. modified the One to Several Table into a conference table, using our parametric app that we built with processing, and then built it at the FabLab in Antwerp. GarageMlab modified the same table for their new workspace in Sao Paolo, and added a modesty panel to make it into a reception desk. Aurélien of Paper Tiger Design in Paris radically modified the Open Cabinet.

Have you made furniture? How did it go? We’d be grateful for your pictures of the process and final product. Email them or tweet them to @Fil_Ro.