• GLINTstudios_PaducahModel6_019

    PGDP Super Model

    Our largest interactive model to date for the DoE of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is designed for large teams to share, communicate, understand, and plan a future for the PGDP…

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  • makers-for-teachers1

    Makers for Teachers

    Bill Young of ShopBot Tools is getting ready for the 2013 NY Maker Faire, tabbing AtFAB and other CNC Furniture items to barter for donations to the Makery. Here, Bill tests out a color blocking technique by pre-painting sheets…

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  • atfab_opendesk

    AtFAB Joins Forces with OpenDesk!

    We are delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with to distribute AtFAB Open Source furniture files. Filson and Rohrbacher is bringing the entire AtFAB furniture design library to OpenDesk’s powerful Open Source product showroom…

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  • ks-00

    Support AtFAB on Kickstarter!

    We just launched our first ever campaign on Kickstarter to begin manufacturing AtFAB through a distributed CNC fabrication network. Make your own furniture from AtFAB cut files, or have a finished piece delivered flatpack to your door…

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    • AtFAB CNC Furniture DIY Open Design
    • AtFAB CNC Furniture Storage Unit

    Send Us YourFAB – Modification Edition

    The number of AtFAB file downloads keeps growing, and we’ve received some amazing images from makers around the globe who have modified the designs in ways we couldn’t imagine…

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    Renderings to Reality at MIT

    After weeks of design, simulation, and analysis through many methods of digital visualization, the exhibition becomes reality. And, though we know we anticipated and tested every detail, we were definitely taken aback at how much the realization felt like…

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    Incremental Change

    We are finalizing details for Incremental Change – an exhibition that opens at MIT’s Keller Gallery next week. We’ve designed the exhibition as a status report of the increasing global reach of AtFAB CNC Furniture downloads, and to make…

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  • Fabricating AtFAB

    We created Fabricating AtFAB with the series of BotCam images that Bill Young recorded in his shop last fall. With the help of his pair of ShopBot CNC Routers, Bill fabricated the 21 AtFAB furniture pieces that we designed for MakerBot...

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  • atfab-makers8

    Send us YourFAB!

    The number of AtFAB file downloads continues to grow, and we’ve been thrilled to receive more images from makers who downloaded and made AtFAB around the world. We’ve also been pleased to see the interpretations of the pieces. Modifications...

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