Makers for Teachers


Bill Young of ShopBot Tools is getting ready for the NY 2013 Maker Faire, and has been fabricating AtFAB and other CNC Furniture items to barter for donations to the Makery. Bill has been testing out a color blocking technique by pre-painting sheets in advance of cutting, which produces a refined surface and very clean edges. Stop by the ShopBot Booth and check out the pieces “for sale” at the Maker Faire, September 21-22. Barter for a piece of AtFAB to take home with you, as Bill explains…

You’ll buy the furniture with “Maker” supplies that can be purchased from vendors at the Maker Faire…folks like the Maker Shed, Sparkfun, Adafruit, Radio Shack, Makerbot, and many many others. At the end of the Maker Faire, all of these supplies will be donated to the Makery to help support the teacher workshops and other great education programs that they run in New York. The “price” of each piece will be posted at the ShopBot booth, but as an example a set of doorble legs or an AtFAB Rotational Stool might be 2 Arduino Ethernet shields or 2 spools of 3D printer filament. Customizing a stool by carving one of several designs in it with a Handibot might cost you a Lilypad or Flora wearable microcontroller, and one of AtFAB’s  Beside tables or 5-30 minute chairs might cost 4 Makey-Makey kits or Raspberry Pi’s. Pricing will be somewhat fluid to make sure that there will be a good sampling of supplies…we don’t want them to get 20 Arduino shields and no Arduinos!

atfab rotational stools

atfab 100k

atfab 100k