Five to Thirty Minute Chair on Thingiverse


Visit Makerbot Industries Thingiverse to see AtFAB’s first contributions. We’ve uploaded 3D files of a Foot & Peg kit to print with your Makerbot Thing-O-Matic, so you can assemble and accessorize your Five to Thirty Minute Chair with luminous ABS plastic details. We’ve also included a miniature Five to Thirty Minute Chair that can be 3D printed and assembled so you can prototype the design prior to making the full scale version.

We designed AtFAB objects with simple 2D CNC milled connections and assemblies, but have long been interested in how rigorously coordinating a new tool with the furniture system could expand or even alter the entire system. The Foot & Peg kit tests how parts from different machines and materials can be put together, and is only the beginning of how AtFAB might incorporate multiple materials while preserving the simplicity that defines it. We are already investigating other Makerbot Things that will expand AtFAB’s possibilities – stay tuned here and over at Thingiverse.