Couched Constructions IV


We’ve completed fabrication of two couch prototypes, and assembly is well underway. The Ninety Minute Chair is dimensionally transformed past chair towards couch, while the Silver Lining Bed is adapted away from bed, through chaise, to become Tete a Tete sofa. The latter borrows traits from its AtFAB cousins, like a rotational structure and “walking feet,” and it possesses de-differentiated parts such as leg-seat-back and back-seat-back.  The images below show the Ninety Minute Couch, fabricated from decades-old repurposed plywood, as well as the Silver Lining Chaise, constructed from 5 sheets of AdvanTech. We will be delivering both pieces to Indianapolis next month for the Couched Constructions Exhibition to open at the Herron Gallery on March 2. At the same time, we will post free cut files for both pieces to be downloaded from our website, so makers anywhere can collect around our couched constructions.