Couched Constructions II


The Ninety Minute Couch – a stretch Ninety Minute Chair – is ready for assembly.  We milled this version from recycled plywood, rescued from the dumpsters at the University’s surplus depot. The patina and perfect amount of distress rivals the finest veneer plywood, and is only intensified by Carolyn’s and Joe’s meticulous placement of each digital profile on the sheets.

In our earlier prototype, we discovered that reducing the length of the seat’s side tabs simplifies the task of easing the seat into the corresponding slots in the side-pieces. The joint requires a small plug to fill the gap between the end of the seat tab and the end of the side-piece slot. We decided to take liberties and exaggerate this element on the Ninety Minute Couch – by milling Cat in Bag shapes out of old plywood signs. Perhaps all a bit more hands on than the usual AtFAB, but we thought justified since it’s headed for a gallery!