Bits, Beams & Jets – Part I


During our fabrication research, we wanted to ensure that a single cut file would work with any material and cutting machine, so AtFAB’s workflow would be as open and adaptable as its designs endeavor it to be. We pursued an intensive phase of fabrication tests with wood, plastic and aluminum, using CNC routers, laser cutters and Flojets (respectively), in an effort to confirm that our downloaded cut files would work with whatever machines and materials individuals might find readily available.

By the end of the process, we proved that we successfully designed one file to yield successful outcomes under diverse and sometimes unanticipated conditions. In the process, we identified a set of simple techniques and tools that would address specific tolerances unique to machines and materials. One tool is the small Test-Pieces, which we’ve now included within the cut files. It can be cut in advance of the furniture pieces to determine that slots and tabs work with the material thickness and machine tolerance.  We’ll soon have more findings to share in future posts.