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  • L1030752

    Atomic Cities Subsurface Modeling

    Filson and Rohrbacher’s Atomic Cities Research Group is working on a Department of Energy funded project that is considering...

  • atfab-blog4

    Flojetting at AMS

    This month, we are traveling between shops in Louisville, Akron and Columbus to ensure that AtFAB works on different...

  • atfab-blog26

    Roto Table Adaptation

    We adapted this Rotational Table to use as a television table. We designed the compartments to accommodate Apple TV,...

  • Cat in Bag Transformation

    AtFAB Transformation Simulations

    This 3D model animation was used to study parametric transformations of AtFAB furniture. Studies enabled our team to learn…

  • atfab-blog19

    Beside Table

    The Beside table is meant to go next to your chair, your bed or anywhere. In designing it, we...