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  • CAER-model-ii

    Atomic Cities PGDP Interactive Model

    The Atomic Cities Research Group is near completion on the next phase of PGDP models. This 1:150 model of…

  • pgdp15

    Atomic Cities PGDP Model Photographs

    Glint Studio photographer Magnus Lindqvist accompanied our team on a recent trip to Paducah to thoroughly document the PGDP site model,...

  • pgdp12

    Atomic Cities Final Review

    Last week we held the second of three Atomic Cities final reviews at UK’s CoD. This Atomic Cities Research Studio...

  • pgdp16

    Paducah Citizens Advisory Board Meeting & Model Presentation

    Last week, the Atomic Cities Research Group presented the PGDP Regional and Subsurface model at the monthly meeting of...

  • pgdp9

    Atomic Cities Update III

    Visitors from UK’s Center for Applied Energy Research and the Department of Energy stopped by on Friday to look...