AtFAB Production Prototypes

We have been hard at work, fabricating final production prototypes for the AtFAB furniture line. This past summer, we went through the entire AtFAB series and refined the proportions of 10 pieces so that function, material and transport efficiency are gracefully optimized.

We’ve spent the past month focused on production prototypes, shown here. This last prototyping round gave us the chance to evaluate the designs as a cohesive collection, to fine tune our material choices, and to address the finer details and protocols that will ensure repeatable quality as AtFAB goes into distributed production. Our two veneer selections from Appleply were put to the test and we’re pleased with the results. The pre-finished Plain Sawn White Oak looks great, and will get two A-sides in actual production. We love the unfinished Black Walnut, and imagine when oiled and waxed by the end-user, it will be quite sumptuous. We’ve worked on a wide variety of issues ranging from machine settings, assembly techniques, material handling, and fastening methods. How to achieve flush, minimal connections through simple CNC technique has taken a great deal of effort. We are now in the process of adjusting cut files to accommodate what we’ve learned. Then, it will be onto professionally photographing these pieces for our website, and developing the packaging and user experience design. And soon, AtFAB locally fabricated online orders will accompany the open source file downloads on!

Throughout this phase, we’ve collaborated with the talented fabrication team at Science Kinetics, who will serve as a pilot shop that manufactures the first, critical phase of AtFAB orders in the US. Stay tuned!  (Photo credits and fabbing: Jeff and Nate at Science Kinetics)