An Open Source Farnsworth House

Our design for A Mies for All, an open source Farnsworth House, envisions local CNC fabrication and delivery. In this scenario, a small workshop fabricates flat parts to order and delivers them a nearby construction site.

An invitation to exhibit our project in Amsterdam provided a chance to test this concept, albeit at a far greater distance. In our US studio, we dismantled the entire 1:10 superstructure prototype, then fitting them into A Mies for All crates. Once everything arrived in The Netherlands, we carefully reassembled the open source Farnsworth House superstructure in Hôtel Droog’s Gallery.

The superstructure prototype was part of the A Mies for All exhibition, organized with our collaborators One Architecture and Pierre Bismuth. The assembly, disassembly, and reassembly (and subsequent disassembly) proved the simplicity, durability, and repeatability of the superstructure’s construction. Our exhibition culminated in a finisage/public debate with our team at Hôtel Droog.

disassembling a mies for all