AtFAB CNC Furniture


tFAB is a line of customizable open source furniture designed for distributed, digital manufacture. We’ve sought to design functional, elegantly proportioned shapes that feature precise digital joinery and structural marquetry that belie the flatness of the original, plywood parts. The entire collection is shaped by the materials, tools and means by which they are made. An entirely digital process, from design to distribution to fabrication, eliminates the energy-intensive waste of global shipping, dispenses with middlemen, and creates local manufacturing jobs.
Comprised of simple, flat interlocking parts, every piece in the collection can be cut from any off-the-shelf sheet material by a CNC machine, and assembled with basic, readily-available hardware. From the beginning, we’ve shared our open source files to help fuel the ever-expanding maker movement. We’ve seen our files downloaded and fabricated locally by a networked, global community of makers.

Much From Little


We organized AtFAB around a basic joinery detail, the S/Z, which aggregates into complex constructions that are further combined into larger structural assemblies. Assemblies are configured to accommodate everyday programs of sitting, working, screening, or storage, yielding dozens of clearly differentiated furniture objects from this system based on the basic joint.

Distributed Manufacturing


A global community of Makers from around the world downloaded, modified, and locally fabricated AtFAB furniture from open source cut files that we posted online. They have shared their stories of making customizations, interpretations and adaptations in distant FabLabs, garages, schools, shops, and hacker spaces. See images and insights from AtFAB’s global community on our blog.

Parametric Design


For each furniture object, we developed an affiliated set of parameters that maximize choice, difference and functional variation, while preserving joint assemblies, structural integrity, manufacturing feasibility, and systemic consistency. Parametric definitions control object dimension and shape, and also enable use of the widest array of CNC machines and materials.


hrough AtFAB, we aim to deliver goods by sending digital information globally in order to make things locally. This simple reversal can have massive consequence: reduced energy consumption and environmental impact, local jobs, and a direct connection between designers, fabricators, and customers. We offer our furniture collection below that you can purchase from us, make yourself, or have made for you through OpenDesk’s network of local, digital smiths, wrights, coopers and mongers.



Throughout our research and design phase, our team developed parametric applications to customize each AtFAB furniture piece. We wanted to place the functionality of  powerful, interactive parametric CAD tools into more hands. Anyone can tailor the dimensions, module, or shape of a piece as they wish, and also adjust material thickness and width of a CNC toolpath. Visit our apps above to see a sketch of what we hope will one day be an integral part of this site. Until then, we invite you to give them a try.  (Applets are built with Processing 1.5 that requires a Java plug-in to run.)


 5-to-30 Minute Chair   One to Several Table Open Storage Cabinet    Rotational Table       Ninety Minute Chair      Cat in Bag Tables